Abandoned Gods in Cubbon Park

Today, we went to Cubbon Park in central Bangalore. Our Shanthi Road host and two friends of his, they go out nearly every morning at 7 o’clock  for an ca. one hour walk – and today, on our last Bangalore day, we joined them. The chosen park for today was Cubbon Park, and we got there by scooter. Definitively an exciting experience, even if Bangalore traffic is not so mad at that early morning time and the drivers went ever so carefully … thanks!

The scooters got parked behind Sowdeswari Amman Temple, dedicated to the Green Parrot God.


Once inside Cubbon Park, we walked along in the fresh morning air, and besides a couple of dogs, and the constant sound of birds – and a lot less of the traffic, for once – we came to the bat’s spot, where in two trees, hundreds of pretty big bats – vegetarians, by the way – were sleeping.


Further on, at the far end of the park, near the High Court and opposite the Karnataka Parliament Building (and a huge construction site for the Underground in between them), we again encountered street dogs, many of them, and it seemed that they were there on time waiting for someone to feed them. (Sorry. no photo.)

Eventually, after a nearly one and a half hour walk, we reached the Snake Temple within the park, with the most astounding sight of this morning next to it: The Tree of Abandoned Gods.


Here, people frequently deposit statues of gods, as well as icons, pictures, and similar framed items, which they don’t need anymore.



I didn’t dare searching in detail, but one of our companies said, that every now and then, he would take a nice and well kept piece along and that he even had found proper antique items there before.


When we rejoined the others in a place to eat next to the temple, outside the park, we found that one of them actually had taken along a few items  from the tree. I somehow regretted that I hadn’t …

We then had a delicious hot and spicy breakfast, some bath (a sort of wheat dumpling) with fresh coconut chutney, and headed off home on our scooter. Weirdest moment of the ride: The front wheel of a motor rickshaw maybe 10 cm away from my knee in the middle of the crossing nearby our location. But, don’t worry, nothing happened.


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