Bangalore Mirror Covering Deborah’s Work

Last Saturday, an arts journalist, Harsha Bhat, visited Deborah and wrote a brilliant article on her work for the Bangalore Mirror. Deborah said, it was the best interview she’s ever had in all her life.


I am also very happy about the article, because the print version features three images, one of them a portrait I took of Deborah here on location, the next one the postcard I made for her Capsicum film a couple of years ago, the third one a scan of one of her slide collages.

Nice! Thanks!


Shopping for lino cut material in Bangalore


TLDR: Shopping for art material in Bangalore is a pleasant experience, and Bhaskar & Bhaskar on Avenue Rd. most likely is the best address to do so. 

After all, we’ve come here for work. Art work. Not for holiday. Thus we went to shop for the material needed to make lino prints. A quick phone call by our friendly host at 1 Shanthi Road, Suresh, provided the information, where to find lino printing material and we started off  to Avenue Street.

After a – once again – very exciting ride in a motor rickshaw through Bangalore’s ever so heavy trafic we arrived at the top end of this very busy street full with shops: mainly second-hand book shops at the beginning, further down mostly sari shops, and eventually a variety of stationers, and many more. And a cow on the narrow sidewalk, too.


Although we had directions, it still was not evident to find the location we were looking for. After strolling down Avenue Street and asking several times, we eventually found Bhaskar & Bhaskar on #302. “Walk back up the street, pass the first side street with the garbage, and you’ll find Bhaskar eight or ten houses after the next small side street on the right hand side of the road.” And there it was. A narrow staircase led us to the art material store on the first floor, crammed to the ceiling with artists’ material of all kinds.


From behind a desk, a very friendly gentleman welcomed us and offered us a seat.  I explained what I was looking for – linoleum, a set of knives, a roller, paint, and paper to print on. He was very delighted that someone came for the rather deprecated lino print material, and we discussed a lot on the technique. As paint, he suggested oil in the first place, which actually is my paint of choice – and he was so happy to hear that, however,I wouldn’t use oil while travelling, as the paint might take to long to dry.


We went through my shopping list item by item, and a young man searched the store, went up ladders, opened boxes, came up with a selection for each item, and we discussed what would be best to use. I chose a large piece of linoleum – solid grey material usable from both sides, thus very different from what we are used to in Germany – a narrow black roller, a neat little box of knives and handle, and acrylic paint in black, white, read, blue and yellow. Only paper was a problem in the end – I was looking for more or less postcard size heavy paper, which wasn’t available. However, I chose a very basic non-branded sketch book, and the vendor was very pleased, as this book was made by the Bhaskar company themselves: “This is our own brand”.


Eventually, I left the shop with a big and heavy bag with all I needed, except paper and some other items I forgot: a metal ruler and a cutter to cut the big size lino in small portions. We then went into several other stationers and managed to find one where they had a big pack of  loose small-size heavy paper. At another shop, I got a solid all metal ruler and a cutter.

Having returned to 1, Shanthi Road, I immediately started with my first cut in India: “Bengaluru” in Kannada type, that is ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು. (And I still forgot to get carbon copy paper, but there’s always a hack.) However, that’s another story. Stay tuned.

The Bambi and the Lion

As seen today at the <a title=”Homepage” href=””>Rangoli Metor Art Center</a>, MG Road, Bangalore:



Berlin to Bangalore via London

Travelling with light luggage, to say it with Brecht:


Best ride of the journey: The Buggy, taking us throught the intestines of Heathrow Airport:


And, yes, we’re in India and it is warm:


India Tour Dates Jan 2014

In Jan 2014, I am travelling India together with the Berlin Artist Deborah S. Phillips.

Screening and talk at MS University, Vadodara, on Jan, 13th: 11.30 am at Fine Arts. See you there!

Dates for Jodhpur to be arranged.

Screening and talk in Bangalore at 1 Shanthi Road studio gallery on Jan, 7th.
Press: Bangalore Mirror (06.01.14)  on Deborah’s work, announcing our event .